Ankara, the Pride of Africa


And believe me, people in Ankara outfit always steal the show in any part of the world.

Hello people, it is nice being here again. I initially talked about the Ankara print and various designs. Here, I will be talking on how Ankara has become so attractive that designers now make it cut across dresses and trousers. We now have:

Ankara has been used for chokers to compliment the beautiful styles of clothes we wear. The choker is worn on the neck just as a necklace but what differentiates the choker from the normal necklace is the fact that it fits tightly around the neck. The Ankara design of a choker is a very nice accessory when used to complement our attire.


The Ankara fascinator is very attractive on those who use it as a complement to decorate their hairs. The Ankara fascinator is a headpiece designed with the Ankara print which is attached to a band or a clip. It can be used to replace a hair tie, a scarf, or a hat.


These are foot wears designed with the Ankara prints. The Ankara shoes are elegant and it also show the level of creativity and the evolution of fashion especially in the great continent of Africa. It can come in different designs of foot wear like shoes, sandals, and slippers.


The Ankara bags are designed with the Ankara print which always look alluring to every elegant lady. Women use these beautifully designed Ankara hand bags to complement their Ankara outfit.


The Ankara bangles and earrings are made and designed with the Ankara prints. Every female, no matter the age bracket always wants a complete accessories.


Ankara in this modern world of fashion has been used to design varieties of attires and wears including hats.


The Ankara bow tie is used on shirts in place of the normal long tie or the casual bow tie. It comes in different designs and sizes and can be worn by both men and women.


The Ankara gele can be used to replace the regular starchy gele used for the head. It beautifies anyone who uses it and it always looks magnificent on the head. Making one feel proud carrying a symbol of where they come from on their head. The Ankara print is a perfect material to tie on the head as its soft texture makes it very convenient, comfortable and preferable to the starchy hard ones that are very clumsy and require the services of professionals to tie most of the time.

There is no gainsaying the fact that both men and women of African and even beyond look more elegant and adorable in Ankara outfit especially when it is complememted with the Ankara made accessories. And believe me, people in such outfit always steal the show in any part of the world.

Written by

Ngameduru, Loretta Chidinma


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