ANKARA print – The identity of Africa

Ankara print

Have we ever stopped for a moment to think, and then realize that most of the trends on fashion are things that have existed in the past. Among the long list of shoes, tops, skirts, trousers, shorts and hairs.

The Ankara is the printing that portrays the beautiful continent of Africa. It is an identity. It is culture itself, apart from the language we speak.
Ankara has taken a huge turn around in the fashion world. In time past, Ankara was meant for the mothers and grandmothers, for wrapping around the waist and for carrying children. But this industrious generation has proven that it goes beyond that.

This generation is not just called the computer age based on technology. It is known for its transformative and innovative thinking. The marvelous ways Ankara has been transformed is truly mind blowing. We now have shorts, dresses, jackets, suits, jumpsuits, trousers and skirts in varieties of designs made of Ankara.

As the Ankara print signifies the African culture and portrays where we come from, it is really a positive move as these newly exotic styles are now being designed to be more alluring and attractive. This has helped in promoting our culture and exterminates the former ideology that makes one feel old whenever they put on the Ankara especially in its usual style of skirt and blouse our mothers often give us to wear.

Ankara now has beautiful designs of dresses that captivate the mind of both old and young, when I say young, kids are not left out. Children are now dressed up in modern astonishing Ankara styles. Young ladies now design skimpy dresses using Ankara materials.


Parties and celebrations are not left out of the Ankara print fashion evolution. The Ankara prints are used on so many ceremonies and occasions including weddings and burials. The Asoebis (uniform) in ceremonies are usually made of different Ankara prints. In most cases, different groups wear different Asoebis in ceremonies which differentiate families from friends and other groups as the case may be. Sometimes the couples also wear the Ankara print in traditional weddings.

The Ankara has taken a new position in the fashion world, it is now being combined with casual wears and can be worn with either snickers, slippers, sandals or heels, making it easier to wear at anytime or any place. As a signature for Africa, the Ankara print can now be added to t-shirts and polo used for wearing jeans and other combinations.


Ghana Ankara print

When I say “Ankara is our identity wherever we go ” I mean it, because it is truly our identity. Ankara can be used to identify set of individuals and it makes it easier for people to know where they come from. Like the beautiful and colorful prints of Ghana, wherever we see such Ankara print, we don’t need a telescope to tell us where the people on the colorful print come from. They are the beautiful Ghanians.


Same goes to the beautiful and industrious country Nigeria. Nigeria has its own wonderful Ankara print which indicates where we come from and we don’t need the encyclopedia to do that. In Nigeria, Ankara has become the trending habit in terms of wears for men and women.

More on the Ankara print coming next edition………. You are all welcome.

Written By

Ngameduru, Loretta Chidinma


  1. Yes, Ankara is really our identity and should be worn with pride…. I could remember when we went to see wankada in a cinema and being in a foreign country we wore the Ankara and we did pride in admiration of the white men
    Kudos! Hun… More grace

  2. This article is a masterpiece deeply embellishing the identity of the African
    I’m sure this art will provoke our thoughts towards priding our identity

    Kudos Loretta


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