How to Get a Scholarship Abroad: 10 Steps

Are you excited to study abroad or get a scholarship, but worried about the cost? The good news is that there are many scholarships and grants available to study abroad, just waiting for students to apply. Imagine getting financial support for your overseas adventure – it’s like free money that can make your dreams come true.



To make your journey more affordable, you may need to tighten your budget in the months leading up to your overseas experience. However, with smart financial strategies and scholarships, you can achieve your travel dreams. Let’s delve into 10 guaranteed steps to get the best study abroad scholarships, ensuring that your hard work will pay off.



Step 1: Seek Guidance

Don’t hesitate to reach out to those around you for help. Visit your university’s study abroad office, consult your professors, financial aid advisors, and academic advisors. Consider making in-person visits to facilitate easier guidance. Finding scholarships can be the hardest part, so seek advice from professionals who may know of opportunities.



Step 2: Extensive Research

Research is key. The more scholarships you explore, the more financial support you can access. Start by checking out the GoAbroad Scholarship Directory. Other resources like NAFSA compile scholarship listings. Don’t limit yourself to these sources; explore different types of scholarships:

  • Location-specific scholarships
  • Program-specific scholarships/grants for study abroad
  • Subject-specific scholarships for study abroad
  • Student-specific scholarships/grants
  • Scholarships/grants offered by universities for study abroad
  • Scholarships/grants offered by organizations
  • Government-funded scholarships for study abroad


Step 3: Direct Contact with Scholarship Providers

Contact scholarship providers to obtain accurate information and current application requirements. Effective communication demonstrates your commitment and initiative, making you stand out as a dedicated scholarship applicant.

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Step 4: Review Your Resume

Your resume plays a crucial role. Strengthen your international experience, update your on-campus activities, and keep it concise. Write personalized cover letters focusing on how your overseas experience will impact you academically and personally.


Step 5: Choose Your References Wisely

High-quality references are essential. Reach out to professors and professionals who know you well and can provide strong recommendations. Give them enough time to prepare.


Step 6: Set Deadlines

Stay organized by creating a scholarship application submission calendar, where all deadlines should be clear. Being organized is key, especially when applying to multiple scholarships.


Step 7: Apply Earnestly

Apply to as many scholarships as possible, as every little bit of support counts. Tailor each application to align with the values and interests of the scholarship. Scholarship providers appreciate applicants who have done their homework.


Step 8: Take Things Seriously

Treat scholarship applications as seriously as you would a university application. Read and follow instructions carefully. Avoid rushing through applications, as hard work increases the chances of receiving financial support.


Step 9: Maintain Good Academic Performance

Many scholarships require good academic standing. Demonstrate your commitment to your overseas experience by getting good grades. This shows that you take your academic goals seriously.


Step 10: Show Your Passion

Most scholarship applications include personal essays. Use this opportunity to express your passion for studying abroad. Share your story and explain why you deserve the scholarship. Convince scholarship providers that their support will be put to good use.


Ultimately, success in obtaining study abroad scholarships depends on dedication and effort. Even if you don’t receive as many scholarships as you hope, consider alternative funding options such as crowdfunding or part-time jobs abroad. By staying organized, working hard, and following these steps, you will be on your way to making your study abroad dream a reality.


Remember, it’s not just about the money, it’s also about the life-changing experience that comes with exploring the world outside of your comfort zone. Embrace the adventure and don’t lose sight of the amazing opportunities that await you.



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